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The last time you spoke with your dealer did he use any of the subsequent words? Diversification, Price-to-earnings ratios, unrestricted trading, lifting a leg (he's conversation to you not your dog), leverage, divergence, fee-based compensation, escalator clause, tactical asset allocation and other exciting words to place you in astounding shock.

Brokers do that to let you know that you don't know something about the marketplace and you must allow them to make decisions for you. You don't know the language. You are just too dumb. Another mushroom.

Wadda ya' mean mushroom? Didn't you know? Most customers are measured mushrooms. A mushroom is grown in the dark and fed horse manure. Now you appreciate why they treat you that way.

Then try to get him to account for commission structures of mutual funds. Oh, you're not allowed to ask that. You might want to read page 35 in the January 31, 2005 issue of Newsweek magazine for an exceptional breakdown of this Wall Street scam. Maybe you develop not. You will get mad at your broker.

Another one of those big words they don't want to chat about is conversion fees. This is an extra charge of as much as 2% of the quantity that is deducted from your check if you sell inside a certain episode of time. Brokerage companies tell you it is to daunt common short-term trading which adds to their cost of doing business and increases the expenses that are charged to you every year. Having owned a brokerage circle I can tell you this is more of that brown stuff they feed to the mushrooms.

The argue for emancipation fees is to discourage you from selling. You might take money out of your bill and that must be confidential in every way possible.

Some of the main words are linked with those distinctive imperfect partnerships. These are definitely brain twisters. You can get these in real estate, sanatorium construction, oil and gas pipe lines and the most mystifying one of all is technology. And they are all guaranteed. That word I understand, but be sure you read the fine print to see what is guaranteed. You remember the old one that they give it to you in the big print and take it away in the fine print.

How about insertion a limit bid on a secondary distribution of a distinctive claim on residual equity certificates? You didn't appreciate that? Believe me you don't want to.

When you are solicited by your broker, financial planner or a person to buy any fair play you must clearly absorb what you are buying.

If you don't absorb it don't buy it.

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