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"To drift is to be in hell, to be in heaven is to steer. " -George Bernard Shaw

Former Home Guarantee Director, Tom Ridge, has said it's not a affair of "if" we'll have a new terrorist attack, but when. Like the argue with of 9/11, the economic belongings of another terror assail will be felt by almost everyone who lives in the United States. If you have been lulled into a false sense of complacency because we haven't been attacked yet, think for a moment about what you could lose if a major attack occurred in the not too cool future. After September 11th, 2001, major efficient shifts occurred, and that was a comparatively minor event. If a nuclear or dirty bomb went off in New York City, the efficient "fall out" would be much, much greater. Fortunately, there are simple, effective ways to "terrorproof" your savings if you know what to do.

After the actions of 9/11, I felt a need to re-think how I allocated my own investments. As a Expert Monetary Conspirator and investment educator, I also had many students that were afraid about defensive their portfolio. I looked for books that could be of help, but couldn't find one that was beneficial and reasonably priced. Therefore, I absolute to write my own. With the help of my co-author Jonathan Robinson, we wrote "Terror-Proof Your Mind and Money: Create Physical, Economic and Mental Confidence in Dangerous Times. "

In the book, we argue many practical ways to by far take the "terror" out of terrorism by relieving one's anxiety, securing one's home, and shielding one's monetary assets. Although I can't converse all the suggestions outlined in our book in a brief critique such as this, I can offer you many beneficial guidelines for protecting your assets in the event of a further tragedy. When the time of a different argument occurs, if your investments are in the right places, you'll weather the following storm just fine. Yet, if your assets are badly positioned, you could face the prospect of fiscal (as well as emotional) devastation.


If you honestly look at our contemporary cost-effective climate, you can see there are many vulnerabilities. In the event of a major terrorist argument in the U. S. , our belt-tightening exercise could fall like a "House of Cards. " Believe the following:

1. The stock market, in particular tech stocks like Google, Yahoo and EBay are trading at higher valuations than tech stock prices during the dot. com bubble in the late 1990's. Many commentators are even mission the early 2005 market an "echo bubble. "

2. The scale 10 year Treasury bond is compliant less than 5% in a world that has been promised advanced appeal rates by Federal Cache Chairman Alan Greenspan. (Higher interest rates will cause the value of your long term bonds to certainly drop in value. )

3. The housing marketplace is definitely overpriced on both coasts, and is almost certainly unsustainable in the middle of the countryside too. Home sales have begun to slow down in light of elevated finance rates, outlandish prices, too much speculation, and buyer exhaustion. If in progress homeowners can't borrow more money out of their ever increasingly valuable residence, will they keep costs at the mall? It has chiefly been money on loan out of housing that has helped consumer business the last three years. . . and without it, the U. S. could by far fall into a recession--causing even more problems.

4. The value of the dollar-looked at by the rest of the world as a share of stock in the USA Inc. -has been falling for about three years. Do you think the world will go on to put $500-600 billion dollars worth of their savings into our economy each year? If foreigners come to a decision not to send their money to us, our appeal rates will rise even faster than the promised "gradualism" promised by Mr. Greenspan. Most Americans don't certainly care about the value of the dough in world markets, but I declare you if the cash becomes some sort of "American Peso," we will all at once learn how a weak buck can hurt. For example, we have to buy oil in dollars, and if dollars aren't worth anything, how will we come up with the money for to fill the tank of our nice new SUV?

5. And finally, the rate of inflation (classically definite as too much of an increase in the sum of money in circulation), is rising. And if that kind of inflation (monetary) is rising, then price inflation won't be far behind. A rerun of price inflation would essentially be a rerun of the exclusively troublesome 1970's.

Yes, there is undoubtedly some good news on the investment front, but overpriced markets are inherently risky in any kind of era, and they perform very badly in panicky, terror stricken financial markets. An act of terrorism would exaggerate troubles in all of these markets.


I have been beliefs investment workshops since 1979. In 1999 and early 2000 I couldn't get my adult students to be bothered about incredible stock prices. My allegedly savvy adult students all thought, "This time it's different. " Well, live and learn. Labyrinth Buffett, the best patron of our era has said, "Investment awareness is cumulative. " Mr. Buffet has seemingly cultured that the U. S. stock market is not a good bet now. He has freshly publicly stated that he's not import something in the U. S. stock market, but in its place is focusing on buying foreign currencies.

In studying what happened to financial markets after the argument of 9/11, I learned that investors who had money diversified into a range of asset allocations did cute well. So if annals is any lesson, you'll maybe do fine in the event of a expectations argue with if you invest "relatively" equal percentages of your investment money in the categories of stocks, short term bonds, cash, business real estate and commodities (including gold and silver). Once you've moved your money into these atypical asset classes, the next thing to focus on is to start picking certain mutual funds or individual equities that you accept as true will act well in turbulent kinds of markets. For example, in an increasingly precarious world, a variety of "security" stocks would expected be good money (if other value considerations are present. ) Such classic defense stocks as Boeing and Lockeed have done well since 9/11. Of course, I'm not your financial advisor and this is not the forum to be touting any detail companies, so I'm not recommending anything not including aware more about you. Rather, my goal here is to get you to look at allocation of assets - the big areas your assets are invested in.

Besides detailing how a few industries did after 9/11, I apply hefty interest in our book to heartening investors to include precious metals in their portfolios. Gold and silver have bubble-like investors for centuries from financial mismanagement, bad governments, inflation, and of course, war. It's not an accident that the Blonde Rule is frequently misquoted as "Those with the gold rule. " It is also worth detection that all "fiat" currencies (paper stated to be money by some authority without it being redeemable into whatever thing else) have finally be converted into "collectibles. " Confederate money, French assignats, Iraqui dinars, etc. have all befit confetti. Associate that track background to the fact that every definite gold or silver coin ever made still has value. You be supposed to think about placing some percentage of your money in gold and silver if you are looking to make your portfolio terror-proof.

Your homework doesn't have to be perfect. As George Patton said, "A good plan today is advance than a absolute plan tomorrow. " Minion is born conscious how to invest. Smart investors develop their expertise by conception about what others did with their money, and advent up with a suitable plan based on all the in rank they can collect. Remember, customary Wall Street brokers and TV fiscal analysts hardly ever (if ever) bring up the branch of learning of terror-proofing your savings. Therefore, other than the book I co-authored on this subject, you're beautiful much on your own when bearing in mind the liable implications of a terror assail on your pecuniary health. Make your decisions carefully.

For most people, the worst scars from a hope terrorist argument won't be physical. They will be emotional and financial. If you are immovable flat-footed, your future financial plans (and those of your loved ones) could be delayed for a big dot of time, or destroyed altogether. That would be adding up one tragedy on top of another. It's time to pay consideration to your where your money is and take appropriate action?before it's too late.

Michael McGowan is an attorney and a licensed pecuniary plotter who conducts investment workshops for attorneys and CPAs about the country. He is a former stock adviser and fiscal correspondent for the American Bar Company Journal. His new book, "Terror-Proof Your Mind and Money", is available from http://www. amazon. com.

His websites are http://www. terrorproof. net, http://www. goodinvestmentdecisions. com, and his blog with sound economic information is at http://www. goldfinger. blogs. com. Mike can be reached via email at investored@terrorproof. net.

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