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Trend next also called momentum trading is the simplest and safest fashion of stock advertise investing. It puts you in stocks and mutual funds that are going up and gets you out when they start down. As it should be done there is no guess work.

How many times have you bought a stock or fund since of deep analysis? You have gone to Morningstar and bought their big information - many of which are months old, but you don't know that. Maybe your adviser sent you a lot of cute information about how brilliant is this actual company. Sadly each time you bought it the stock or fund also did not go up or went down.

Once you are touted about some fairness you can be sure you are not the first and you might be the last one who bought at the top of the move. What can you do to avoid this kind of Wall Boulevard trap?

Where can you find a stock or fund that will in reality go up after you buy it? One thing I will say is not to try to pick being stocks. Leave that to the pros. The best place for your money is in a no load mutual fund (that's no commission) or an ETF, Argument Traded Fund (a type of mutual fund that trades like a stock). A fund has a expert money administrator who be supposed to be able of export good stocks. He spends his whole life doing this where you have an added occupation.

There are many sitting room on the Internet that rank mutual funds by accomplishment such as Yahoo. com, stockcharts. com, barcharts. com and many others. Carrying out means it is going up more and closer than all other mutual funds. You can also find a citation of funds in Investor's Big business Daily or you could subscribe to a ceremony that does all this for you such as NoLoad FundX. Not recall Morningstar and their star ratings which are meaningless.

To ascertain whether to buy or sell you can use a very down-to-earth 200-day heartrending arithmetic mean and you don't have to do the computation. Go to www. bigcharts. com and click on their Interactive charts. In the left article you will find a place to type in 200 and then that line will arrive on the scene with the fund badge you entered. When the fund is above the line you want to own it. When it is goes below the line you will want to sell it. Yes, it is that simple.

There is no Holy Grail trading method, but trend next comes about as close to it as the be in the region of anyone will find. A trend follower understands there will be rare losses, but he also knows that when any major trend starts he will be participating for at least 60% to 70% of the profit of the move. He knows when to buy and more prominently when to sell.

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