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Recently, my children and I took a trip to Maine to visit relatives. At some stage in our stay, we toured the rocky shore lines and took in the delightful architecture of the old towns.

One sunny morning, three generations of Wardlaws boarded a lobster boat and set out on a guided lobster trapping excursion.

We abruptly academic lobstermen lead a life of hard work and regulations.

Over the avenue of many years, Maine's lobstermen and state officials have conventional a few criteria to guard lobsters and allow for bigger development. With the rules, lobstermen look for "keepers. "

A "keeper" is a lobster that events concerning 3. 25 and 5 inches from its eye socket to the end of its back shell. In addendum to the defined measurements, the lobster cannot carry eggs nor can it have a notch in its tail (indicating it is a breeding female). The notch is imprinted from prior lobstermen who experiential the lobster's breeding.

If the lobster does not fit the criteria set forth, it is discarded and located back in the waters.

As an investor, you constantly look for "keepers. " At your disposal is a wealth of in order to clarify the characteristic of a position.

Depending on your determined goals (including risk tolerances and time horizons), you may use a digit of measurement tools. If the attitude does not fit such benchmarks, you may be concerned about heartbreaking on to a more apt position.

For example, among the many rules of measurement, an depositor may look for a mutual fund's beta. Of classes the fund's management, its fees, asset allocations and chronological act must play a role as well.

For bonds, an financier may be concerned about its maturity, the coupon, its yield to adulthood (or call), price, and rating. An depositor must also affect the type of bond. Do you choose a municipal, treasury, or corporate bond?

And with regards to stocks, if you have been an depositor for any add up to of years, you know the drill. Among deep and mechanical analysis, you have quite a few traps to pull from the waters.

It is central to know the criteria that is apt for your portfolio. Remember, some positions may be keepers while others may be discarded.

Wardlaw has been concerned in the fields of funds and cover for over twelve years. The author's belief is that common life basics best illustrate convenient investment strategies; not classic investment jargon. For explanation and questions, entertain acquaintance the cause at tools2invest@yahoo. com


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