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Wit and wisdom on money, wall lane and achievement - part #4 - investing


Can you pithily condense your investment beliefs in a few sentences? My come into contact with is that most associates can't. The speech marks that be a consequence are diamonds that offer a real athletic learning in the world of Risk Management. They have had a profound blow in my life. I pass them along on tenterhooks they do a akin achieve on your investments. Enjoy!

1) "Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No 2: Never disregard Rule No. 1. " -

-Warren Buffett

2) "Large profits can be made in customary stocks. Large losses can be made in customary stocks. "

-Peter Lynch

3) "A fool and his money are soon parted. "


4) "A fool and his money were lucky to get as one in the first place. "

-W. C. Fields

5) "You must invest in a affair that even a fool can run, as one day a fool will. "

- Burrow Buffett

6) "The key in life is to assume out who to be the bat boy for. "

-Warren Buffett

7) "Let Wall Lane have a nightmare and the whole countryside has to help them get back to bed again. " - Will Rogers, The Autobiography of Will Rogers

8) "There are two fools in every market. One asks too little, the other asks too much. " - Russian Proverb

9) "The rudiments of good trading: (1) biting losses, (2) biting losses, and (3) acerbic losses. If you can be a consequence these three rules, you may have a chance. " -Ed Seykota

10) "That marketplace doesn't care whether you are IN or OUT! With that being the case, my difficulty is who are you competing against? Most associates will fulfil 'everyone else' my rejoinder is 'look in the mirror. '" - Harald Anderson Analyst at eOptionsTrader. com

Harald Anderson is the creator and Chief Analyst of eOptionsTrader. com a important online store of Options Trading Information. He writes commonly for pecuniary publications on Risk Management and Trading Strategies. His goal in life is to develop into the kind of character that his dog before now thinks he is. http://www. eOptionsTrader. com.


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