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Its only been about 5 years since we had major scares in the bazaar concerning Y2K. You might bring to mind that many central processing unit systems were not involuntary to be able to absorb the alteration from 1999 to 2000. There was a tremendous quantity of panic fashioned by those who were confident that as the clock hit midnight on on New Years Eve 2000 that we were going to enter the Dark Ages.

By my chemical analysis this never occured. . . . unless I slept all through it and nonentity hot and bothered to wake me up! (Note to self: Make sure Staff wakes me up when Y2K occurs!)

The word we are assumed to learn from and appreciate is; TEOTWAWKI. . . . (The End Of The World As We Know It ) It was a word formed by the Y2K scare.

I think there is a very profound message to be educated from the Y2K scare. That being that forecasting is attractive much worthless. The real issue with trading as with life itself is to administer risk. Risk can be distinct many ways but customarily it involves not being equipped for the hope and agreement an opinion.

The one gain of alive in a free citizens is that we are fortunate adequate to be exposed to copious viewpoints on a daily basis. As traders we must learn to constantly differentiate the discrepancy amid FACT and Belief and clarify how new data can concern us.

For those who never learn to do this, The End of The World As We Know It will chew on itself in their portfolios. For the rest of us all we can learn to do is Cope RISK. It is the only trading cloak-and-dagger there is.

There are two schools of accepted wisdom in trading. . . . TEOTWAWKI and Risk Management. You make the choice.

The only continual in life is change. Don't forecast. Cope your RISK.

-Harald Anderson
http://www. eOptionsTrader. com.

Harald Anderson is the come to nothing and Chief Analyst of eOptionsTrader. com a chief online supply of Options Trading Information. He writes frequently for monetary publications on Risk Management and Trading Strategies. His goal in life is to be converted into the kind of anyone that his dog before now thinks he is. http://www. eOptionsTrader. com.


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