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This clause was first featured in Daryl Guppy's 'Tutorials in Practical Industrial Analysis', voted no 1 trading newsletter in Australia by Shares magazine & no 4 in the world by US Stocks & Possessions magazine and is reprinted here with Daryl's permission.

In adding to mounting sound expert breakdown skills, brawny trading psychology coupled with well thought-out money and risk management are also vital key secrets for accomplishment when trading or investing in the market.

From real life come into contact with and instruction in file management learnt the very hard way, John Atkinson at first considered his progression of three Money and Risk Management spreadsheets to help his own trading. All through the help of programmers Stephen Parsons and Peter Tamsett, he in recent times added quite a few user gracious macros and has now made them free as clean to use and very inexpensive tools to help traders and investors plan and administer their portfolios.

They are intended to assist in the arrangement and mounting of profitable collection growth, by putting structured money & risk management be in charge of in place and as a means of maintenance austere and exact records.

Many investors and traders spend less time arrangement the risk of being trades and their complete assortment for their wealth concept than they do arrangement their grocery shopping. Many do not plan, accurately track or analysis their develop at all.

Some think that dispersal or 'diversifying' their file into more than a few large positions in 'safe' blue chips is their way to deal with money & risk management. They do not realise that overloading in too many positions or too large a arrange can put their collection critically at risk.

Without appropriate forecast one may end up with a collection that is a calamity ahead of you to happen. We know. We've been there & we wouldn't want you to go all through the restless nights and gut wrenching fear, fiscal and emotional loss that we and a few traders we know have qualified as a result.

A major basis why we lost our Sydney riverside home in 2000 and more since was not emergent or adhering to acceptable risk & money management rules - so our chain of three case tools has been bent from our own not public very hard knock come into contact with at a very real pecuniary cost of factually hundreds of thousands of dollars and at a huge emotional cost.

We subsequently went looking for the in rank which we wish we'd looked for, or had been advised of, prior. These tools are based on a number of 'world's best practice' ideology and strategies qualified by this newsletter, Daryl Guppy's books and by other agent authors such as Alan Hull, Louise Bedford, Dr Alexander Elder and Dr Van Tharp.

They consist of the:

? Atkinson File Schemer - to plan your stock assortment & by and large sector & assortment risk in advance

? Atkinson Trade Optimizer - which stock to buy when you have a few to elect from & funds only free for one?

? Atkinson File Administrator - stop loss, targets, characteristic stock & pooled case fair play curves, expectation of congested trades and much more

Over the appearance weeks we will converse each of these tools in detail.

We start this week with the Atkinson File Conniver .

This tool is intended to help you plan your collection acceptably so you can sleep at night, aware you have a balanced file and are not too exposed in any one trade, instability grouping or sector.

Also, that you have considered the acceptable digit and size of open positions to guarantee that your total collection risk does not exceed your precise criteria.

This easy-to-use tool allows you to check your designed allocation of:

Mix of high, average and low precariousness shares

Mix of shares connecting sectors

Individual risk of each arrange as a % of your portfolio

Maximum % of your assortment in any one position

Total risk of your mutual portfolio

Once you have entered your requirements, the Atkinson Case Conspirator will assess the above basic factors and even flag red alerts if any of your intended or open positions exceed your not public risk profile.

This allows the user to guarantee in the forecast stages that your hard earned center will be apportioned accurately to conform to risk levels preferred by your own Trading Plan.

It is the dependability of the user to delve into and decide on the criteria to be practical for his/her Trading Plan and as key input to the Case Conspirator e. g. instability and sector allocation, stop loss levels and % risk factors; and for the basic medley of which stock(s) to buy and the applicable arrangement size(s).

Putting all or most of your free funds into one stock or sector; introduction at risk a large % of one's file in any one arrangement or having too many open positions with an intolerable total % of collection at risk are recipes for aptitude disaster.

Experience of other traders shows that it is also wise to broaden your horizons their first city in a select amount among a range of high, average and low instability stocks to maximise yearly cyst of their portfolio.

Experienced traders and investors have not to be trusted rules for money and risk management.

The subsequent are some characteristic examples from the literature:

1. In his books and this newsletter Daryl Guppy chooses 1/7 (14. 3%) in high precariousness (e. g. 'speculatives'); 2/7 (28. 6%) in avenue precariousness (e. g. 'mid caps') and 4/7 (57. 1%) in low explosive nature (e. g. 'blue chips'). Others may decide a greatest of 10% in high volatility. The final abundance is the user's responsibility

2. For small portfolios, in his book Share Trading #, Daryl Guppy provides an case in point of shop from $6k to $21k, by initial with $2k (i. e. 1/3rd) in high precariousness and $4k (i. e. 2/3rd) in low unpredictability stocks; then splitting this back to 1/7; 2/7 and 4/7 when the file has grown to $14k.

3. Maximum arrange size as a % of total portfolio: generally 20-25% conclusive max; some cut to 15% or less for large portfolios or exploratory stocks.

4. Maximum Impartiality Risk: No more than 2% of case to be to be found at risk in any one trade - some elect to bring down this 1 % or 0. 5% for better portfolios or for more decidedly capricious positions.

5. In my book '10 Ways Not to Lose Your Home in the Stock Market' (due 2005) I wrote "What we also disastrous to realise was that as a replacement for of diffusion our risk, we were magnifying our risk. For instance, using a stop loss of 2% assortment risk, let's say a buyer has ten positions. That means if the promote takes a abrupt dive and all stops are triggered, they risk trailing 20% of their intact assortment value. Enlarge that out to twenty positions, then 20 x 2% = 40% of their collection is at risk. It can come about - it did happen. If you freeze or have margin loans, the destruction can be far worse?.

Dr Elder refers to the 2% risk rule as fortification adjacent to shark argue with and extends the belief added to a 6% rule to care for aligned with piranha argument i. e. to close out the whole assortment if it drops by 6% in the past month.

Taking this to its consistent extension, Dr Elder describes how, using this strategy, also confines traders to three positions (at 2% risk) to start off with, until some of them rise into profit, ahead of breach any further positions. "

(Readers may wish to refer to my Home Study avenue module on Money & Risk Management which is based on and includes Daryl Guppy's Share Trading & Beat Trading books and includes my file tools - accessible at our site. Also refer to books by Louise Bedford (e. g. Trading Secrets) and Dr Alexander Elder (e. g. Come into my Trading Room) for auxiliary explanation. )

In the next commentary I argue how we use the Atkinson File Conspirator to guarantee that the next deliberate risk and money management criteria are met:

1. The greatest extent total value spent in each unpredictability grouping

2. The greatest total value spent in any sector

3. The ceiling arrange size as a % of total portfolio

4. The fairness risk for each position

5. The pooled total case risk exposure

Sharetradingeducation. com includes the Investing Online Newsletter , launching 2 July 2005 to teach online investors how to find, decide on & administer which stocks or shares to buy; money & risk management; prominently when to sell; traders' & investors' experiences; psychology, basic & expert analysis, articles from chief authors;& a DFS Equities file to track weekly act of appraise selections. The first editions of the Investing Online Newsletter will also cover how you can draw up your own investment or trading plan.

Also at Sharetradingeducation. com:

* Jim Berg's Trading Strategies with Metastock Home Study Classes with one month's email assist from Jim Berg

*New Ebook of articles printed by John Atkinson for Daryl Guppy's newsletter'The Atkinson-Guppy Articles'

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* Money & Risk Management Assortment Tools

* A FREE absolute online trading & investing stock bazaar club with admission to FREE downloads

Visit http://www. sharetradingeducation. com

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