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50% Of U. S. Households Invest In The Stock Market
Individuals invest in the stock advertise directly, because of mutual funds, their annuity plans, profit allocation plans, 401k's, IRA's, etc.

Mutual Funds Dominate The Market
It is chiefly the mutual funds, exchange and selling, who move the advertise and cause characteristic stocks to go up and down. Mutual funds are the 800-pound gorillas of the stock market; at the end of 2003, mutual funds held more than $3 trillion dollars worth of stocks.

The Dow Jones Be around Is Not The Stock Market
The Dow Jones Business Be an average of is comprised of only 30 elected stocks. In reality, there are more than 7,000 atypical stocks planned on the 3 major U. S. stock exchanges. That makes it quite doable that, in a given time frame, the Dow Jones Be an average of may be flat or down but many creature stocks may in reality be up.

Most Character Investors Fail
Over time, most being investors fail to do the stock marketplace hit they would love to have. This is due to many factors, as well as lack of knowledge, lack of time and effort, lack of a good approach that works, and emotional choice making.

Can You Beat The Market?
Investing in stocks can be a very satisfying experience, financially and emotionally. If you do it right. With the right effort, the right knowledge, and the right strategy, an creature patron can do enormously well in today's stock market, and, as a result, appreciate a brighter and richer pecuniary future.

Alan Korber is a classified financier and the initiator of the Korber Strategy, a clean and easy stock advertise policy that uses a few parameters to ascertain stocks that have the maximum aptitude come back with the lowly conventional risk. As an creature patron he uses his own line of attack and the stocks he buys as usual cause up to 50% or more annualized return. For more info go to http://akorber. com


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