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As a followup to a preceding column, "Irreconcilable Differences," I established an e-mail from a bookworm asking how she could ensure, ahead of time, investment compatibility with a forthcoming spouse.

Unfortunately, like most issues in life, the as the crow flies approximate does not work. Asking him, "Sweetie, how will you invest our 401(k) funds?" will only answer in receiving the key he thinks you want. "Honey, at all you think is best," will be the key you will hear. The accepted wisdom that another investment strategies could answer in conflicting harm to your forthcoming affiliation seems cold to him. But we know better. He will say anything you want in order to move the banter to allegedly more crucial questions like, "How many kids do you want, five or six?" Or, "What belief must we raise the kids in?" We all know, however, as index investors, that our Investment Gestalt (IG) is the key interpreter of forthcoming happiness. Fortunately, I have urbanized a test that will add to the probability of matching your IG with that of a prospective partner.

This is the scenario: Your associate (and I would keep the bond at a nonsexual stage until after this first test of compatibility) is compelling and you accost a toll on the New Pullover Turnpike. It's 5:30 p. m. and interchange is backed up a accommodate mile. Now watch cautiously as your ally selects one of 10 lanes to approximate the tollbooths. Does he scan the mass of opportunities and gruffly cut diagonally eight lanes of transfer to get into the straight lane? So far, so good, correct? No, don't jump to any conclusions yet. Wait and see his actions as his lane stops dead. Does he pull out and squeeze into the best heartbreaking lane two rows to your left? Even worse, does this actions carry on for the next 10 follow-up as he chases the best performing arts lane? Stay away from this person. Don't give him a kiss goodnight and don't take his calls in the future. His advance is exactingly short-term. He chases short-term act (and he is rude too).

Still confused? The most appropriate mate, the one with a akin IG would have aimlessly select a lane and not wavered. He realizes that the lane that moves the highest cannot be firm ahead of time and that short-term act has no geometric consequence to the final outcome. Your Mr. Right would have elected a lane and stayed in it. He would have used the extra time to find your beloved CD and ask how your mom is feeling.

Stay close to this guy. (Please note: With the inauguration of articulate toll booths the authenticity of the above test has been challenged. ) My difficulty to our readers: what are the habits, quirks of personality that help you ascertain a anyone with a akin IG? Entertain share your perspectives with us.

Is it the kind of car he drives? Or the kind of dog he walks? Or how neat he keeps his apartment? Is it central that he calls his mom each night? Or is it absolutely counterintuitive? Are Indy 500 or Formula One drivers more expected to be index investors, while librarians take very large positions in hedge funds?

Please e-mail me with your insights so that I can share them with our readers.

Hesh Reinfeld writes a syndicated affair humor column. You can read bonus examples of his columns on his website: http://www. heshreinfeld. com Or associate him at hesh1@comcast. net


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