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There are many steps in calculating the fair value of a company. However, ahead of we even do that, it is imperative to know how a circle earns its profit. Does it do that by promotion to consumers? licensing its expertise to other companies? or extracting biological funds from the ground?

The levelheaded way to do it is by conception the company's twelve-monthly report. What is an twelve-monthly report? Yearly article is yearly newspaper by community companies to develop let somebody know patron about the company's line of business. Once a year arrive gives investors a glance of the company's line of business, monetary shape as well as management's strategies for doing business.

Let's look at CNET Networks Inc. The ballet company trades in the NASDAQ promote with symbol: CNET. What does CNET do? I know CNET owns cnet. com. But do you know that it also owns download. com, MP3. com, ZDnet. com and News. com ? How do I know that? Yep, you guess it. CNET's Once a year Account will gives you all that.

From CNET's twelve-monthly report, we can do a barely digging for CNET's internet traffic. As of Grand 27th 2005, these websites of CNET attracts 3 % of all internet traffic. Beautiful impressive, making an allowance for that Google holds 23% of all internet traffic. On April 2005, Google had 78. 6 million inimitable visitors. By comparing this metric, we might have an idea CNET's revenue budding for the month of August. I will not go into that but this shows how advantageous analysis CNET's twelve-monthly bang is. Conception an once a year account serves as the first step towards investing in a actual company.

How do we achieve twelve-monthly report? There are more than a few sources for this. First is the companies own website. You are concerned in calculating more about CNET Networks? You can get the twelve-monthly bang by going to http://www. cnet. com and go to its shareholder relation. After a number of clicks, you can then download the twelve-monthly report.

Or . . . you can go to some websites that offer absolute yearly arrive for a digit of another companies in alphabetical order. Our website is one of them. Admittedly, while having hundreds of once a year gossip in one place is convenient, it is not as thorough as what the company's own website has to say.

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