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We have all heard that slogan that happening back when Nancy Reagan was in Washington. It was all about drugs. Now I want to jog your memory you this can be your slogan when you get one of those cell phone solicitations from a bizarre adviser or even your own dealer who is performing a barely strange. By that I mean he wants you to buy something.

Currently we are in an advancing stock bazaar and we all hope it is going to go elevated and higher. None of us, beyond doubt counting me, knows for sure where it will end up this year. Barron's, the weekly pecuniary publication, has acknowledged on their front page that "THE BULL IS BACK". They are also guessing. But it makes you feel good.

It makes me amazement when I study the essentials of the budget how they have come to this conclusion. Unemployment just had an uptick, most companies have yet to assert a dividend, the American dough is bringing up the rear value adjacent to many exotic currencies, manufacturing capability consumption is still low and shows no signs of increasing, calculate of trade is way out of whack and on and on.

Yes, there is some good news. Many companies are "beating the estimates". That means they are performance better sales and profits than the brokers on Wall Lane belief they would have. This is good press and commonly has the appearance of almost stock prices higher. Many of these beat profits are at the cost reduction of laying off hundreds if not thousands of workers. And worst of all we don't know if these profits are true. Many are profoma denotation management is guessing.

If you are one of those associates who hopes the bazaar will go back up so you can get out "even" you are going to find that hope is the most classy word in the dictionary. But what can you do about it? You are now being given the chance to save what is left of your retirement account. On any stock or mutual funds you have it would be a guess to say this is the place to sell. The smart thing is to pay attention to the advertise and do what it tells you.

When any impartiality is advancing you want to set up a trailing stop-loss order and move it up each week as your stock advances. Assume you bought a stock at $100/share and watched it drop to $15. Beautiful disheartening! It has now risen back up to $30 and your dealer has confident you it will go on to rise. Maybe. But what if it doesn't?

Tell your adviser to put in a stop-loss order about 10% below its existing price. He will say you don't need to. This is where you just say 'NO'. Brokers don't watch any but their main and most effective accounts. He must do as you ask according to regulations.

Put in a stop-loss order today. Keep your retirement checking account with a clean 'NO'.

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